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Concierge-level full service; a personal team of professionals who know you; a high-quality, diversified investment portfolio

Client profiles

Our clients range from emerging executives to multi-generational families.

We specialize in understanding your complete financial picture and managing all aspects of your financial planning and investment needs. We have extensive experience managing complex investment structures, including dynamic estate plans with multiple trust accounts, employer stock grants and stock options, family foundations, private placement life insurance, and other tax strategies.

How we serve you

Your investments and financial well-being are our top priority, providing you with peace of mind. We manage all aspects of your investment portfolio including paperwork, trades, capital calls, tax liability management, and custodial relations, making your life easier. We work directly with your other advisors, such as tax and estate planning professionals, to provide a single point of contact for all your financial needs.

Arnerich Massena empowers you to be a better investor. Our investment selection is based on world-class research, incorporates active and passive management with a global reach, and extends beyond stock and bond funds into alternative strategies that can provide improved risk-adjusted return potential. Click here to read our full investment philosophy. We invite clients to meet directly with their investment managers in person at educational events throughout the year.