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Arnerich Massena #GivingTuesday Giving Guide Drawing


Congratulations to Clackamas Community College Foundation, the Oregon Council on Economic Education, and the Oregon Wildlife Foundation for being randomly selected as the recipients of Arnerich Massena’s #GivingTuesday drawing! These organizations were selected from Arnerich Massena’s 2021 Holiday Giving Guide as a way to honor #GivingTuesday; the firm will donate $1,000 to each of them. Learn more about each organization below.

(How did we randomly select these organizations? We created a custom spinning wheel online at and three employee volunteers spun the wheel to select entries from the Arnerich Massena Giving Guide!)

#GivingTuesday is “a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.” It has grown since its founding in 2012 to become a global movement inspiring people across the world to give to those in need and celebrate generosity. Join us on November 30, #Giving Tuesday, in honoring the individuals, families, and organizations who have made a difference in our communities and been instrumental in driving positive change.

This year marks the fourth annual publication of Arnerich Massena’s Holiday Giving Guide, featuring charitable organizations to which we have a deep connection and for which we have a profound appreciation. The organizations in this guide have collectively made far-reaching impacts into countless lives, and we are pleased to offer this wonderful resource for generous souls seeking a way to give this season. Access the guide here.

Each year, three organizations are selected as the recipients of an end-of-year #GivingTuesday donation; congratulations to this year’s winners, detailed below.

Clackamas Community College Foundation

For over 50 years, Clackamas Community College Foundation has worked with community members to fund accessible higher education for all CCC students. CCC has made education possible by providing innovative programs and support of the current and future change makers of Clackamas County. Whether students are pursuing a degree, seeking technical and career training to be more competitive in the workforce or returning for continued and lifelong learning, CCC provides support both inside and outside the classroom.

Clackamas Community College Foundation seeks to remove financial and economic barriers for students by assisting with tuition through annual and endowment scholarships. Because of these efforts, students who received a CCCF scholarship in 2020-21 were more likely to graduate than those who did not. The CCC Foundation aims to provide $1 million in scholarship aid annually.

Oregon Council on Economic Education

The Oregon Council on Economic Education is dedicated to empowering and equipping teachers of economics and personal finance in the Oregon K-12 education system. The council has been working for over 60 years to ensure that each generation of Oregonians has the kno

wledge they need to make good economic choices. The OCEE provides teacher training and support through workshops, classroom

material, after-school programs, awards, and academic games and competitions to help teachers get their students engaged in the subjects of economics and personal finance.

Oregon Wildlife Foundation

The Oregon Wildlife Foundation’s mission is to empower the lasting conservation of fish and wildlife, and citizen enjoyment of our natural resources. OWF is dedicated to directly supporting the groups, individuals, and organizers who continue to pursue a heathy future for Oregon. From passionate project leaders to dedicated donors, it’s the people that make a difference and create a sustainable future for Oregon. People like you. Since 1981, OWF has funded statewide conservation work by connecting donors with wildlife projects, awarding small grants, and providing fiscal sponsorship for special initiatives.

Access Arnerich Massena’s full Holiday Giving Guide here to find out more about a number of amazing organizations helping our communities thrive and flourish., and join us in participating in #GivingTuesday. Thank you to all philanthropists for your generosity and charity – happy season of giving!