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Ask the Expert Podcast – Divorce Coaching: When Can it Help?


“When people hit the point that they have decided to get divorced, on average, couples wait six years to reach out for help.” Lara Brunstrom, personal and divorce coach and owner of Sterling Fire Coaching, understands the build-up of frustration and confusion couples are often already facing when they decide it’s time to dissolve their marriage. She guides her clients both through the process of examining their options and creating practical solutions, as well as supporting them with the difficult emotional and communication challenges couples face. In this podcast, Senior Wealth Strategist Glen Goland, JD, CFP, sits down with Lara to talk about the process and how coaching helps clients navigate the complexities of divorce.

“Who do they want to be? What do they want that future to look like?” Lara says one of her goals is to help people focus forward and make the necessary changes in their lives that can get them to that desired future. She guides her clients through what feels like a labyrinth of steps and decision-making, from assembling a team of advisors to making difficult decisions about children and finances. She helps people avoid the short-sighted decision-making that can come from emotional turmoil and supports them to keep their sights on the big picture. When things become contentious, she can help defuse the situation and encourage productive communication.

Divorcing couples are facing a process that is unfamiliar, laden with pitfalls, and that will have lifelong impacts for themselves and their family. Having someone on their side who understands the process, the options, and the potential hazards can be invaluable. Learn more about divorce coaching in this podcast on YouTube here (or below) and on Soundcloud here.