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Christine Arnerich

Principal, Executive Administrator of Community Outreach

Christine Arnerich co-founded Arnerich Massena in 1991 to bring to life a business that would help investors reach their dreams while maintaining a vision of always being in service to a greater good.

For more than 25 years, Christine has served as a special consultant to the firm in a variety of areas, providing strategic leadership and communications consulting. She has helped to guide Arnerich Massena’s visual identity, spanning work on interior design to promotional materials. She works closely with senior management in the firm’s strategic planning, and assists in oversight of Arnerich Massena facilities.

From the beginning, Christine was driven by a passion for service, and wanted Arnerich Massena to be a model of business in partnership with community. She helped co-found the firm’s award-winning I AM Learning Partnership community service program, which is widely renowned for supporting local elementary school students with its remarkable mentorship programs, literacy support, afternoon clubs, and summer camps. Christine serves as executive director of the programs, continuing to build out and refine the services it provides to underserved student populations. She also continues to volunteer her time as an I AM Learning mentor.

Christine Arnerich graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts.

Christine places a high value on the service ethos of Arnerich Massena, in which all the work we perform is grounded in being of service to our clients, each other, and the community.