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January 2021

January 2021

Happy New Year from the I AM Learning Partnership team! 2021 is already off to a great start as we share our monthly update.

At nearly a year after our schools closed, we are pleased to report initial data and January 2021 testing demonstrate that students participating in reading support programs at Irvington School, I AM Learning and our partner Reading Results, maintained literacy skills during this time and many students achieved gains in one or more areas. Kate and Elly provide daily literacy support to Irvington School students in Kindergarten through fourth grade. Student attendance in our academic support programs is close to consistently perfect which helps to ensure success.

Reading Results Reading Results PDX is a local non-profit that partners with schools ‘serving low-income students to provide a proven reading intervention program’. IAM Learning has forged deep ties with Reading Results over the last few years to extend our reach at Irvington and in our community schools. RR supports 17 students online at Irvington School and 300 students among 12 other PPS N/NE Portland Schools. IAM< works closely with RR to ensure successful outcomes during this critical time for our students.

I AM Learning Partnership is committed to serving the needs of students within our extended N/NE community. To achieve, this objective we are constantly searching for effective strategic partnerships to support programs in this community with the overarching mission to provide more equitable opportunities for our most vulnerable students. Recently, I AM Learning Partnership was invited to participate in learning about and sharing information with Portland’s Black Parent Initiative. BPI was established in 2006 ‘to help Black families achieve financial, educational, and spiritual success.’ BPI is the only organization in Portland that is culturally specific, choosing to focus on supporting low/moderate income Black parents as ‘a vehicle for enhancing the achievements of Black youth’. Partnering with local organizations such as Reading Results and Black Parent Initiative aligns with our IAM goal to bring equitable opportunities and academic success to students in the community in which Arnerich Massena, calls ‘home’.

Some of our after school programs are on hold during Covid, as we choose to focus on the areas where we bring the most value to our students. Girls’ Club is currently meeting once a week and in January we launched a book project ; “To be a successful, independent and happy woman I will need…” Each of our young ladies will participate in creating this A-Z alphabet style book illustrating a roadmap to achieving their dreams. I AM Learning Partnership’s Girls’ Club is missing the support, ideas, opinions, presence, and faces of the Arnerich Massena women volunteers to assist with this project and we are hoping to gain access to Zoom in the PPS system to include our AM mentors! For so many students a meaningful connection with an adult volunteer who is a consistent presence, creates a valuable conduit of support and mentorship. Over these 26 years, the commitment from Arnerich Massena employee volunteers has had an immeasurable impact. You are missed and we are diligently working to bring back these valuable relationships!

As we continue to navigate these challenging times, we are grateful for the opportunity to serve our community and for the part each of you play in making this happen.

Thank you from our students, their families, our teachers and community partners.

Kate DeGraw I AM Learning Partnership