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"For more than a decade Arnerich Massena has been one of PPS' most committed community business partners... Arnerich Massena represents the gold standard for community-business partnerships in Portland and we're only too happy to say 'thank you' for all they do for our children and our schools."
~Vicki Phillips, former Superintendent, Portland Public Schools

"Not only has the level of student achievement increased across the school, but also students have developed meaningful relationships with their mentors and tutors, leading to lasting bonds. High-risk students have been given the opportunity to see the benefits of school, of education in general, of dedicated community partners, and of positive role models and community service."
~Cynthia MacLeod, former Principal, Irvington School

“I want to thank you and your firm, Arnerich Massena, for all that you do for Irvington School and the children who attend the school… It has been a marvelous community institution for us and for our family, due in no small measure to the partnership between the school, the parents, and Arnerich Massena… You and your firm and its employees are to be congratulated over and over again for your enormous contributions to the school and its children.”
~Dean Gisvold, former Portland School Board member (1981-85), Irvington resident and parent, and Irvington School volunteer

"I have had the privilege of working with Arnerich Massena's I AM Learning Partnership for over 20 years at Irvington School... AM programs have been an integral part of Irvington for many years, and are an important contributor to the achievement of Irvington students. They have gone above and beyond in serving the Irvington students and community, and for that I give my heartfelt 'Thank you!'"
~Cathy Percich, retired teacher, Irvington School

"Irvington has been so lucky to have benefited from the I AM Learning Partnership. Any school would be lucky to have this amazing support, but I hope that it will be able to remain at Irvington."
~Shyla Piper, teacher, Irvington School

"I have been fortunate to have been involved with the Arnerich Massena program both as a parent and as a teacher. There are so many different ways in which the program helps our children at Irvington. It is an invaluable resource to all of us here at school. As a teacher and a parent, I can attest to the benefits my classroom children and my own children have received from the programs. I would like to personally thank everyone at Arnerich Massena for all they do."
~Susan Germundson, teacher and parent, Irvington School

"To my knowledge, there is no other program in the City of Portland that does as much for children, free of charge, with no strings attached. It is a program born out of a sincere desire to make sure that all children have the opportunity to reach their full potential."
~Robyn Wagner Matsunaga, teacher, Irvington School

"While there are other programs that offer after-school services to our students, none has the Irvington connection that Arnerich Massena cultivates in their employees. We are so fortunate to have such caring and committed people working with us to help our students."
~Cherie Allbaugh, School Counselor, Irvington School

"Irvington students gain so much from the opportunities you provide. Thank you for your concern for the enrichment of children's lives."
~Pam Gaines, Teacher, Irvington School

"Thank you so much for all the great things you provide for our students. I am proud to have you be a part of our community."
~Todd Rinier, Teacher, Irvington School

"We are so pleased with this program already… I can see these tutoring sessions are building her confidence."
~Meg, Irvington parent

"As parents, we are excited to have two talented and committed professionals who take the time to get to know our children, care about them, and do an outstanding job of teaching them. Irvington is fortunate to have this valuable partnership with Arnerich Massena and the I AM Learning team. My children's lives have been enriched through this partnership. I cannot overstate what a positive impact these programs have had on my family, and I do not want to imagine what our school would be like without them."
~Bonnie Baxter, parent

"Having this kind of free academic (and emotional) support layered into the life of an at-risk student not only increases their chances for success, but serves as an invaluable resource for our entire school and community."
~Mary Kay Cunningham, parent

"Being active in the school as a volunteer and parent for the past eight years, I have witnessed the many wonderful opportunities that I AM provides… The most impactful part of the I AM Partnership though, in my opinion, is the personal relationship that the two employees, Kate DeGraw and Marisa Izzard, have with each and every one of the students who participate in their program…I think it is a business/school partnership model that should be duplicated nationally, and hope someday it will!"
~Rachel A. Carson, parent

"We wholeheartedly support this program and hope it will continue into the future so that many children can continue to benefit from it."
~Catriona and Scott Black, parents

"Thank you for being so fantastic! We are so lucky to have someone who really considers the individual child’s learning style, strengths, and weaknesses, and is willing to talk about it, work with the child/parents, and find solutions. Thank you also for being emotionally supportive to the kids and their parents!"
~Mary Aslakson, parent

"Kudos to Arnerich Massena! Your support of Irvington School has been priceless. Your programs not only create an environment where kids can continue to expand their knowledge but it also creates an environment where they can grow socially."
~Maggie Muldrew, parent

"As parents, we often worry that our children are not learning what they need to, even with the reinforcement we give at home. Because of your financial support, my child became much more interested in math and science. She actually enjoyed it!"
~Taneisha Mitchell-Phillips, parent

“I think everything Ana is now is because of Arnerich Massena!”
~Aurora Mercado-Martinez, parent

“Irvington School is very lucky to have the Arnerich Massena programs. We take advantage of every opportunity offered. We couldn’t afford the type and quality of specialized teaching you have offered to Tomes and I am thankful for your efforts. Tomes really enjoyed the Rainforest Summer Camp. He made a pipe cleaner monkey and toucan at your camp. He continued after camp to make pipe cleaner birds of every shape and color. A theme such as the rainforest can really grab a child’s imagination and carry them for months afterward! Even though Tomes’ classroom teachers have changed year to year, Kate, Marisa, and the I AM Learning Partnership remain constant.”
~Bonnie Baxter, parent

“The Arnerich Massena programs fill in the gaps of the regular school day. They provide extensions and enrichment that have disappeared over time with shrinking budgets and shifting priorities to meet standardized test scores. They also show kids that what they learn in school is relevant in the outside world and provide opportunities to explore the how and why.”
~ Irvington parent

“Arnerich Massena’s programs have encouraged my daughter’s love of writing and have provided good, strong women role models.”
~ Irvington parent

“Arnerich Massena programs fill in the gaps for what is missing in the school day. For some kids, this means receiving additional support and opportunities to learn in areas where they struggle. For others, this means having the opportunity to delve further into subjects they are interested and excel in. For all kids, these programs provide positive adult role models, encouragement, and the opportunity to do their best without the stress of benchmarks, report cards, or standardized tests. Learning is fun again!”
~ Irvington parent

“These (I AM Learning Partnership) programs are fun because they help us kids learn in fun ways, like games and crafts. At the end, you feel accomplished and happy from what you made and learned.”
~ Odyssey, former Irvington student

“The (I AM Learning Partnership) after school programs are important because some kids don’t have welcoming homes to go to after school.”
~ Irvington student

“I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the Girls’ Club! The format allows such a great opportunity for the girls to let down their guard a little bit and ask questions they probably wouldn’t ask otherwise. You guys made it fun and relatable, and who knew you were love doctors to boot? There were a lot of love-sick girls in that room! I have two daughters, ages ten and twelve, so I know how much girls that age need to unload at the end of the day! It can be exhausting! I’m looking forward to the rest of the year!
~Kathy Peterson, Arnerich Massena employee


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