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Philanthropic Advising

Build a legacy of giving.

We share your passion and help you build a philanthropic strategy to enable you to become a more effective, impactful donor and serve the greater good.

Philanthropy is a fundamental component of our corporate philosophy and vision. To help guide your philanthropic journey, we draw on our unrivaled network of subject matter experts who are committed to solving complex problems.

Whether you want to be a more educated donor, engage with non-profits on the cutting edge of philanthropy, or develop a long-lasting family legacy for giving, we walk you through all the steps necessary to make a positive impact on our world.

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What clients have to say about Arnerich Massena’s philanthropic advising services

“Arnerich Massena introduced me to — and helped me establish my own — Donor Advised Fund, which allowed me to save on taxes and give more money to causes I am passionate about. Setting up the Donor Advised Fund was like Christmas morning! I am able to give effectively to organizations I love and am in a position to be more generous now than I ever have been before.”

Mimi Shannon

What clients have to say about working with Arnerich Massena’s philanthropic advisor

Working with the very knowledgeable staff at Arnerich Massena, I set up a Donor Advised Fund. Knowing that approx. 80% of assets in the USA are owned by people over 60, I thought it was my time to start giving some profit back to the community. Having spent my career making money, I find giving money quite a challenge. Encouraged by my advisors, I learned to gain experience by giving some money to a wide range of charities. I found I have a short attention span for non-profits too busy to communicate with me except to ask for more. Regardless of mission, I support organizations which value good communications systems. I like reading, seeing and hearing about staff, their work and people they serve through their email newsletters. I appreciate links to new ideas from the thought leaders among them. Through giving, I can keep current and enjoy every opportunity to learn.

Martha Bergman

What people say about being a client of Arnerich Massena

“When we began our relationship, Arnerich put the time into building a relationship with Meghan and I and assisting us in understanding the implications and planning for the future.”

Vincent LaVecchia and Meghan Pruitt