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Thank you, Terri Schwartz!

When Terri planned her retirement four years ago, it seemed so far off and we never thought that day would come. But today we celebrate Terri and her retirement as a leader, colleague, mentor, and friend.

There are a few key career milestones and achievements we want to highlight.

Mentorship of women in the industry

Terri has been a champion of women in financial services since she started her career in an industry in which there were very few women in positions of leadership or authority. She co-founded the Portland Women in Investment Management local group to help provide mentorship and guidance to young women entering the field, and she herself has mentored many women throughout their careers, serving as a role model and inspiration. She planned, hosted, and spoke at numerous events for women in investing and financial services.

Community service

Terri has been involved in community service throughout her career, and served in numerous board positions for multiple important causes. She served on the Board of Trustees and Foundation Board for several years for LaSalle Catholic College Preparatory School. She was the founding President of Oncology Youth Connections, a non-profit whose mission is to support young people challenged with cancer by providing a community of peers to inspire resilience during and after treatment. She has been a board member for almost a decade of the American Cancer Society Portland. And most recently, she has served on the Board of Trustees for the Randall Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Executive Leadership

Terri was there when Arnerich Massena opened its doors nearly 30 years ago, as one of the first of the firm’s five initial employees. After helping the organization grow to become a national force in the industry, she left to continue her career in other places but returned five years ago as managing director of business development and institutional services, where she guided the firm’s business development and institutional teams for the past few years, elevating the company’s regional and national presence and helping to showcase the skills and depth of our advisory and research teams among institutional investors. In 2017, she joined the company’s Board of Directors and executive leadership team, and became a firm principal. She has been a key member of the organization in its growth and development, and in the evolution from a family-owned firm to an independent, employee-owned firm.

We are so deeply appreciative of the efforts and contributions she’s made to the firm. We look forward to staying in touch with her and hearing stories of travels and adventures in retirement!