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Thanks to you, FEED PDX raised more than $50,000 for The Hopscotch Foundation to feed thousands of local children!

Thanks to the 88 donors and everyone who assisted, thousands more local children have access to nutritious food during this challenging time!

Thank you all for helping to make FEED PDX a giant success! Thanks to the tremendous generosity of the 88 donors and everyone who assisted, spread the word, and cheered on the efforts of this fundraiser, thousands more local children have access to the food and nutrition they need during this incredibly challenging time.

The Hopscotch Foundation has been delivering food weekly to over 18 schools and locations across Portland, setting up food pantries and distribution sites where families’ fundamental food needs can be met. They receive fruit, meat, eggs, seafood, and other staples, fresh and mostly locally sourced. Many families rely on The Hopscotch Foundation.

Between the FEED PDX Go Fund Me page and several outside donors, the fundraiser has exceeded its goal of raising $50,000 to make The Hopscotch Foundation’s mission a success and reduce food insecurity for Portland families.

In particular, we’d like to thank the Anderson/Vukelja Foundation for a generous matching donation of $9,000 that helped us reach our final goal. This was our single largest individual contribution, and we are deeply grateful for the family’s generosity and support of this effort. To learn more about the foundation and its work, visit

We’d also like to thank the fundraiser’s corporate donors, which included:

Sussman Shank, LLP

Opsahl Dawson

Gevurtz Menashe

Read below to hear directly about what a difference your dollars have made:

  • "The Hopscotch boxes of fresh, healthy and plentiful food have been a most welcome and consistent support to feed our most vulnerable families," said I AM Learning coordinator Kate DeGraw. "In a recent delivery, the door was opened by an eight-year-old boy, who was overjoyed to receive milk! This simple treasure meant he could indulge in the sweet bliss of milk and cereal!"
  • Immigrant grandparents greet us with hearts overflowing with gratitude – they have no other means to provide sustenance for their grandchildren.
  • Another mom, with her three children home all day every day for months, has found it extremely hard to keep adequate food in the house, as prices keep rising beyond her reach. The weekly food delivery is a safety net of comfort and security for her family.

Thank you to Tony and Christine Arnerich for launching and making this fundraiser possible, to the I AM Learning Partnership coordinators for working directly with The Hopscotch Foundation to coordinate the fundraiser and to deliver food to our students, and to ‘Uncle Dave’ (Hopscotch Foundation founder Dave Gunderson) for his tireless work to feed everyone who needs nourishing.

It has been deeply moving to watch the outpouring of generosity among our clients, friends, employees, and partners, and is a testament to what can be accomplished when we work together toward a common purpose. We look forward to continuing to serve our community through the I AM Learning Partnership and finding more ways to partner with The Hopscotch Foundation to support the tremendous work they are doing.

If you would like to donate to FEED PDX and help contribute to the Hopscotch Foundation’s work, click below or visit