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Arnerich Massena Named a Finalist in 2021 Industry Awards!


What a way to kick off June! We are excited to announce that Arnerich Massena has been named a finalist of the 2021 Industry Awards in the Family Office Client Initiative category for Arnerich Massena’s Family Financial Preparedness Program.

Part of building legacies involves planning to ensure your family’s legacy is protected in any eventuality. Planning for end-of-life or other unforeseen events is deeply important, and includes making sure that family members are prepared and know how to access the information and contacts they will need and what processes to follow. Arnerich Massena’s Family Financial Preparedness Program helps to make sure spouses and family members are connected and informed along the way, providing them with guidance in planning for major life changes in advance.

The goal of our Family Financial Preparedness Program is to ensure that we, as advisors, connect with spouses and family members and get them involved in the long-term wealth planning process. Wherever they are in the process, we want to offer the guidance, support, education, and planning infrastructure to ensure that they are prepared and informed in case of major life changes. Ultimately, the goal is to support a smooth and stress-free process in the event of death or disability, and to be a primary resource in guiding family members through the transition process.

We’re excited to see that our Family Financial Preparedness Program is achieving recognition in the industry. Thank you to all of our clients for being part of our success — we love serving you every day and look forward to building on this success to help your family begin thinking and talking about preparedness. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you engage your family and facilitate planning and conversation.