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Arnerich Massena’s Research Team spotlighted as the “Faces of Intentional Investing” in Portland Monthly “Faces of Portland” section


“People invest money to achieve financial goals. But increasingly, investors also want portfolios that reflect their values and make them proud,” says the headline in a spotlight of Arnerich Massena’s Research Team as “The Faces of Intentional Investing” in Portland Monthly’s special section showcasing the “Faces of Portland.”

“Behind every successful local business, hard-working professionals are giving their all to change their field and the city for the better. The people profiled in this section are the game changers and industry shapers – the Faces of Portland.”

Arnerich Massena’s Research Team fits the bill; as the article notes, “for three decades, the firm has been a pioneer in the investment industry, early adopters of global portfolios, alternative investing, private markets, frontier markets and impact investing.” Co-CEO and Chief Investment Officer Bryan Shipley, CFA, CAIA, is quoted, explaining why Arnerich Massena believes in intentional investing: “’By seeking opportunities that resonate with clients’ values, we create portfolios that generate a positive impact alongside financial returns. Intentional investing focuses on what the world needs, like water and energy, and companies creating sustainable solutions.’”

You can see the full article at or download a pdf version below.