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Bryan Shipley and Ryland Moore Featured in a Real Leaders Podcast: Where Should Investors Lean In?


Impact CEOs from around the world gathered in April to engage on some of the most important topics and challenges of our time, and Arnerich Massena Co-CEO Bryan Shipley, CFA, CAIA, spoke on a panel session about how investors can drive change and build a better future. Real Leaders® podcast host Kevin Edwards took the opportunity to interview Bryan and Managing Principal Ryland Moore to dive deeper into the topic. In the interview, he digs into the evolution of ESG and impact investing, what the landscape looks like currently, what investors should be thinking about, and how Arnerich Massena approaches impact investing.

Bryan describes some of the changes he’s seen in the discussion around impact investing: “When we started this journey, nothing really existed for our investors to deploy capital. It was really our forward-looking investment philosophy that drove our pursuit of the space.” Now, he says, the conversation has completely evolved. “Today, it’s a natural part of every conversation with managers… you need to be talking about it and be aware of it.”

Ryland explains how Arnerich Massena approaches impact investing a little differently, describing the firm’s more intentional approach: “Most investors come at it from a perspective of exclusion. They say, I don’t like this sector or these types of businesses so I am going to exclude them from my portfolio. What we’re saying is to lean into those sectors that you do value: do you value clean water, renewable energy technologies, access to global healthcare, food and agriculture?” He sees a growing future of investors who want to align their investments with their dollars: “Don’t underestimate the power of peoples’ values and what they believe…People are going to vote with their dollars based on their values, and we’re going to see more of that going forward.”

Listen to the full 20-minute discussion above or on YouTube here.