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Coordinated Professional Services

Empower your team of trusted relationships to collaborate together.

Managing family wealth has three components: purpose (why?), method (how?), and outcome (what?). Families define the “why.” Advisors are trained on the “how.” Where they intersect is on the outcome, or “what.”

We recognize that the typical family will have numerous advisors ranging from: family office staff, financial planners, investment advisors, accountants, financial coaches, financial therapists, tax advisors, attorneys, and estate planners, etc. Each plays an important role and offers a unique skill set.

We look at your financial picture holistically and coordinate your team to ensure everyone is working together on your behalf.

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What people say about working with us

"I definitely feel like Arnerich is a partner with a diverse set of skills. They are part of a team that can interface with our legal, tax and other partners to execute a plan and make good decisions."

Vincent LaVecchia and Meghan Pruitt

What people say about being a client of Arnerich Massena

“When we began our relationship, Arnerich put the time into building a relationship with Meghan and I and assisting us in understanding the implications and planning for the future.”

Vincent LaVecchia and Meghan Pruitt