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David Vaughan

Chief Technology Officer, Principal

David Vaughan brings systems thinking to Arnerich Massena’s information technology infrastructure and internal team management.

For more than 18 years, David has been dedicated to making sure Arnerich Massena’s technology systems are best in class and that all staff are fully trained in how to make the best use of them. He leads the firm’s cybersecurity program, and provides ongoing education and security awareness training to staff and clients. David oversees the firm’s Information Technology department, managing team members to implement IT initiatives and maintain technology assets and budget.

David’s experience in information technology spans more than 18 years, during which he has also served as an IT consultant for several Portland firms.

David Vaughan earned his B.S. in computer information systems from Missouri State University.

David is both a student and a teacher; he is passionate and committed about absorbing new information at the speed of today’s information technology industry, but also brings calm, patience, and compassion to educating others around him.