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Impact & ESG Investing

Invest in what the
world needs.

Impact investing born from research

Our focus on impact investing is the result of over a decade of research demonstrating that using an impact lens delivers an opportunity set with profound long-term return potential and value for investors.

The challenge of unintended consequences

Our forward-looking research allowed us early on to see the potential consequences of inaction and the opportunities available in taking action. We all have the responsibility and opportunity to be part of the solution, so we help investors align their portfolios with their values, while maximizing return potential.

A multi asset class solution

Arnerich Massena’s research team has developed a complete multi-asset class strategy focused on impact investing, and we also offer a menu of impact-oriented investments to fit different investor profiles and portfolio needs. We currently manage about $1 billion in assets directed to impact-focused investments.

Investing in what the world needs

We believe in investing in what the world needs by investing in companies that are creating sustainable solutions, driving the creation of a portfolio that seeks to generate a measurable impact alongside financial returns.

Learn more about Arnerich Massena's impact investment research

Read our white paper, Impact Investing: Why, What, How to learn more about the opportunity set and philosophy behind our impact investing investment thesis. You can also hear directly from the professionals who have been investigating impact investing for years as they bring our impact research story to life in our video and podcast series here.

What clients have to say about Arnerich Massena

"Personal, professional, thoughtful...[Arnerich Massena has provided] consolidation of a very complex web of investments that allows me to review how all of my investments are doing in one place. Easy to read reports. Quarterly phone calls to review performance. Access to some unique and interesting investments."

Lawrence Anderson

What clients say about working with us

"It feels like working with friends. I believe there are no ulterior motives and our motivations are aligned. I feel like I can be honest and Arnerich is not “selling” us on anything that may benefit their business more than us. The focus is on our needs."

Vincent LaVecchia and Meghan Pruitt

What clients say about partnering with Arnerich Massena

"Arnerich Massena is a trusted partner... They have good people working at the firm and they care about our success as well as their own. They do very good research and are innovative in their ideas."

Clark College Foundation