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Intentional Investing

Make an impact
your way.

Intentional investing born from research.

Our focus on intentional, impact, and ESG investing is the result of over 15 years researching a broad spectrum of approaches. We have developed intentional investing as a way to integrate and extend beyond the labels into a comprehensive approach.

Opportunity out of challenge.

The challenges facing us have never been greater, but this also creates opportunity. The better future we imagine will be made possible by innovators, entrepreneurs, inventors, and leaders — and it will be largely private capital that invents the technology, builds the infrastructure, and organizes the supply chains that will provide clean water, renew farmland, generate energy, and discover solutions.

Your values drive your investments.

What areas resonate most with you? We understand that your portfolio reflects your goals and priorities, usually beginning with long-term security and then extending out from there to local, regional, or global issues. We help you align your investments with your values while participating in strategic growth opportunities.

Investing in what the world needs.

We have developed a thematic approach centered on water, agriculture, energy, and life sciences — all resources the world needs. With increasing demand, building an intentional portfolio around these areas can help generate the scope of change the world needs while taking advantage of the tremendous growth potential.

Learn more about intentional investing.

Learn more about intentional investing and how we implement an intentional strategy in our white paper, Intentional Investing: A Category Apart, here.

What clients say about working with us

"It feels like working with friends. I believe there are no ulterior motives and our motivations are aligned. I feel like I can be honest and Arnerich is not “selling” us on anything that may benefit their business more than us. The focus is on our needs."

Vincent LaVecchia and Meghan Pruitt

What clients say about partnering with Arnerich Massena

"Arnerich Massena is a trusted partner... They have good people working at the firm and they care about our success as well as their own. They do very good research and are innovative in their ideas."

Clark College Foundation