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Jillian Perkins

Director of Communications

Jillian Perkins applies a combination of investment knowledge and creative skill to lead Arnerich Massena’s communication efforts, telling the firm’s unique and powerful story through written, graphic, and digital media.

Having served the company for more than 20 years, Jillian directs the expression of the firm’s thought leadership by developing and coordinating a variety of content ranging from white papers to podcasts to video. She is dedicated to crafting strategies for storytelling that deliver the information and understanding which will empower the firm’s clients to become better investors. She guides Arnerich Massena’s social media and public relations efforts, and provides editorial guidance to all firm communications.

Jillian’s experience in the investment industry spans more than 20 years, including having served as editor and senior staff writer for Arnerich Massena Education, which delivered participant education curriculae and materials to a national clientele of retirement plan service providers. Her professional background also includes project management and curriculum development.

Jillian has volunteered as an I AM Learning Partner in Arnerich Massena’s award-winning I AM Learning Partnership community service programs. She also volunteers her time with the Central Catholic High School football program.

Jillian Perkins graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from Southern Oregon University. She has served for two years on the Plan Sponsor Council of America’s (PSCA) Education & Communication Committee.

Driven by a passion for organizing information and bringing complex concepts to life, Jillian enjoys finding imaginative and innovative ways to tell the remarkable stories behind Arnerich Massena’s investment research, philosophy, and process.