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Legacy Planning

Carry forward your vision and mission.

Whether your family’s legacy is through the transfer of wealth, relationships, philanthropy, or business — we are here to design, coordinate, implement, and partner with you.

Guiding the transfer of your wealth to the next generation of your family successfully is a primary focus of how we can serve you. Our goal is to educate and empower your family members to be confident in managing and maintaining the family legacy.

We help align your wealth to your greater purpose.

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What clients say about working with us

"It feels like working with friends. I believe there are no ulterior motives and our motivations are aligned. I feel like I can be honest and Arnerich is not “selling” us on anything that may benefit their business more than us. The focus is on our needs."

Vincent LaVecchia and Meghan Pruitt

What clients say about us

"[They take] interest in me individually and other members of my immediate family… [They] have the interest and taken the time to discuss and help my children from mid-teens to present early adulthood in understanding investments, planning, etc."

Lawrence Anderson