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Wealth Transfer Education

Mentor and empower the next generation to be responsible stewards of wealth.

The exchange of wealth requires extensive planning on the part of inheritors. Education and communication across generations is key to preparing them for the future and building the foundation for a successful transfer.

Our team prepares benefactors so they can better prepare their inheritors, ultimately ensuring that your wealth and values endure to create a lasting legacy for multiple generations to come.

We work with your whole family collaboratively, serving as your ongoing partner and coach.

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What clients say about us

"[They take] interest in me individually and other members of my immediate family… [They] have the interest and taken the time to discuss and help my children from mid-teens to present early adulthood in understanding investments, planning, etc."

Lawrence Anderson

What people say about being a client of Arnerich Massena

“When we began our relationship, Arnerich put the time into building a relationship with Meghan and I and assisting us in understanding the implications and planning for the future.”

Vincent LaVecchia and Meghan Pruitt