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About Us

About Us

Arnerich Massena is a boutique investment services firm focused on securing the future together for families, participants, and communities. Our mission is to be a trusted partner and faithful steward in preserving and growing our clients' assets. We are distinguished by exceptional client service, unbiased research, and a long history of providing creative, high-quality investment advice.

At Arnerich Massena, we strive to create a business that exemplifies both corporate citizenship and professional service. We believe that in maintaining these ideals, our approach to business differentiates us from other firms in terms of our process, our priorities, and ultimately our ability to serve our clients.

Why Arnerich Massena?

Your interests are foremost; we consciously align our service with your specific needs, circumstances, and objectives.

We empower you to become a better investor.

We offer large firm solutions with small firm values and service.

Our rigorous proprietary research fosters deep industry relationships that facilitate access to top-tier managers and investment opportunities.

We help you navigate an evolving market, looking ahead to macroeconomic trends and tactically adjusting your portfolio positioning accordingly.

We seek to stay ahead of trends and uncover opportunities before they become market phenomena.

Our investment advice and services are unbiased and minimize conflicts of interest.

Corporate citizenship
Participation in our community is a core element of our business philosophy.