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Arnerich Massena Honored by The Portland Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Awards

Arnerich Massena is counted among the honorees at The Portland Business Journal Corporate Philanthropy Awards, held virtually on October 14, 2020.

The Portland Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropy Awards are one of the most inspiring local events of the year, showcasing Oregon businesses that are giving back in unique and remarkable ways to the community. We are honored to be part of this philanthropic community and deeply appreciative of everything the business community is doing to help Oregon thrive. This year, Arnerich Massena was counted among the honorees at the event, held virtually on October 14, 2020.

Arnerich Massena is included as part of The Portland Business Journal’s list of Top Corporate Philanthropists (Small Company category) thanks to the company’s cash contributions to non-profit organizations. But the service we are most proud of is our I AM Learning Partnership, an award-winning, innovative program which the firm founded in 1995 and actively maintains, including sponsoring two full-time employees working directly in a local elementary school to coordinate and implement the program. The I AM Learning Partnership provides support and mentorship to local students in math, science, and literacy, as well as enrichment programs, creating positive impacts for the next generation.

During most academic years, the program coordinators are busy arranging mentorship volunteer activities, holding direct literacy sessions, and running after-school clubs such as STEM Club and Girls’ Club. In 2020, with schools focused primarily on online learning, they have refocused their efforts to ensuring that all students have access to support in achieving academic success at this critical time. The I AM Learning program coordinators are currently working online engaging with students in direct literacy support, hosting virtual after-school homework and math support and Girls’ Club, and offering “office hours” for further assistance. The program is also sponsoring Reading Results Foundation to provide comprehensive literacy support to students across the district.

Since food insecurity directly impacts learning, the I AM Learning program has partnered with The Hopscotch Foundation to help provide nutrition assistance to students and families who previously relied on school resources to meet nutritional needs. In addition to food aid, program coordinators deliver weekly academic supplies to vulnerable families, customized to each student, including curriculum materials, books, hands-on academic skill builders, and fun activities to keep those students engaged and involved. Learn more about the program under quarantine here.

We are so grateful to our clients, colleagues, community, and community service coordinators for making possible the incredible work being done by Arnerich Massena’s I AM Learning Partnership, and proud to be honored as part of Portland’s very generous business philanthropy community.

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