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Arnerich Massena Publishes “Intentional Investing: A Category Apart”


At Arnerich Massena, we have been navigating the impact investing landscape for a long time, having published our first white paper on sustainable investing in 2007, followed by several more over the following years. As pioneers in this area, we have a deep understanding of how the industry has evolved over time, including a recognition of what investors are seeking from an impact investing lens and what the markets are actually providing. Our research is leading us to look at things from a new and slightly different perspective, and we think our approach can create an even greater alignment between an investor’s goals and values and their investment strategy and portfolio. We believe this intentional approach will also better capture the opportunities posed by innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable solutions.

“We are deeply pleased to see that investors are recognizing the challenges we face globally and seeking ways to deploy their capital that will contribute to a brighter future,” says Co-CEO, Chief Investment Officer, and contributor Bryan Shipley, CFA, CAIA. “Collectively, we can be very powerful and create profound change by investing in solutions. And we’re pleased to be part of finding avenues to do this that don’t sacrifice return potential, that expand opportunities, and that make the kind of impact people are really looking for.”

Senior Research Analyst and contributor Ben Larsen, CFA, adds, “The industry has worked hard to accommodate the growing demand for impact and ESG-rated investments, but such a broad landscape with a wide variety of metrics make it hard to tell when the label is meaningful and when it’s unsubstantiated. We want to help investors navigate to the kind of investments that are really suited to their individual goals.”

All this boils down to what we call “intentional investing,” and in our new white paper, Intentional Investing: A Category Apart, we outline our vision of what it means to invest intentionally, how an intentional investing approach can be differentiated from ESG/impact investing, and why we think this difference matters for investors.