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Read FYI: Arnerich Massena's Wealth Management newsletter for first quarter 2021

Bringing you the inside news from Arnerich Massena's Wealth Management Team

Family Financial Preparedness Podcast

Life happens, and we want to help you be prepared. Our goal is to build legacies, and part of that includes planning to ensure your family’s legacy is protected in any eventuality. In this podcast, investment and philanthropic advisor Katherine Fox, CFP®, CAP®, interviews senior wealth advisor Glen Goland, JD, CFP® and senior investment advisor Melody Behnke, MBA, CFP® about how to make sure spouses and family members are informed and ready in the case of major life changes. What does the process look like, what documents do they need, and how can you help make sure they have access to appropriate information and contacts? Listen to the 20-minute podcast on SoundCloud or YouTube and download our Family Financial Preparedness Checklist here.

Practical Planning: Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) are withdrawals a taxpayer must take from most retirement accounts once the taxpayer is over 72. The rules around these withdrawals have shifted over the last few years; in this article, senior wealth strategist Glen Goland, JD, CFP revisits some of the basics. Read more here.

Analytics Update: Going Remote - How we've turned it to our advantage

The remote working environment has required adjustment from workers across the globe, but at Arnerich Massena, our Research & Analytics team has turned it to their advantage in a variety of ways, resulting in greater efficiency, stronger teams, and better working tools and habits. Check out a few of the ways our team has tailored remote work to better serve our process and clients. Read more here.

Philanthropy Focus: NACF: Yale Union Building Capital Campaign

In 2019, the Yale Union decided to rematriate the land and property at the Yale Union building, located in Southeast Portland, to the Native community by transferring ownership to the Native Arts and Cultures Foundation. In this article, NACF vice president and senior advisor Rupert Ayton discusses the foundation's plans to transform the space into a vibrant gathering place for Indigenous artists and local partnerships to present and exhibit, to practice culture and make art, and areas for cultural ceremony and celebration. Learn more here about what this project means for the Native community and how we can support the project campaign.

Partnering in Our Community:
Arnerich Massena Joins Social Venture Partners

Arnerich Massena recently joined Social Venture Partners (SVP) Portland as a Business Investor Partner to get involved and commit to bringing our resources and expertise to support our community. Learn more in an article from philanthropic and investment advisor Katherine Fox, CFP, CAP here.

Arnerich Massena is honored and excited to be ranked on the Real Leaders Top Impact Companies of 2021, a global list recognizing organizations that are making a positive social and environmental impact. Learn more here.